Certificate in Travel & Tourism Management

Kenya Utalii College management is committed to sustaining its mandate of training qualified professionals for the hospitality and tourism industry.

DURATION: One and a half years

Philosophy of the program

This is a one and a half years’ programme that provides students with competencies on how to design tour packages, cost tours and present the tour packages to the clients; differentiate and recommend different modes of transport and calculate airfares, car rental fares, cruise fares, and make reservations using Computer Reservation Systems.  

It entails both practical and theoretical training coupled with industrial attachment in tour companies, travel agencies, airlines and other appropriate institutions.

Expected learning outcome of the programme

At the end of the modules; the students will acquire the necessary competence (skills and know-how) that will enable them work independently and produce positive results in their work place as tour officers and travel officers.  The programme comprises of hours as described below of theoretical and practical work in class, the travel lab as well as during industrial attachment.

Goals of the program

To train competent young men and women who are aspiring to develop their career in travel and tourism.Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Tour and Travel Operations, students have an opportunity to be considered for the Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management.

Mode of the Delivery

Classroom lectures, exercises, presentations, group work and discussions, projects, assignments, term papers, case studies, and ample use of learning resource centre.

Student Assessment

Continuous Assessment                30%

Final examination                            70%

Total                                                  100%