Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management

Kenya Utalii College management is committed to sustaining its mandate of training qualified professionals for the hospitality and tourism industry.

DURATION: Two years


The Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management is a comprehensive two-year program that is tailored to prepare students for careers in the Travel and Tourism Industry.  The Program provides the students with requisite entrepreneurial, marketing and operational competencies necessary for Travel & Tourism Management.

The program entails both practical and theoretical training coupled with industrial attachment in tour companies, travel agencies, airlines and other appropriate organizations.


Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Design tour packages, cost tours and present the tour packages to clients
  • Differentiate and recommend different modes of transport and calculate airfares, car rental fares, cruise fares, and make reservations using Computer Reservation Systems;
  • Interpret the cultural heritage, scenery, flora and fauna, guide and apply environmental management policies applicable in the tourism industry
  • Categorize, and describe tourist destination; attractions and facilities, and apply destination marketing principles
  • Communicate professionally and apply the skills and knowledge in the tourism sector
  • Translate the theoretical training into practicability through internship and project writing

Goals Of The Program

To train competent young men and women who are aspiring to develop their careers in travel and tourism.