Young Kenya Utalii College Student CEO

My name is Moses Ouma Ochieng; a 21 year old Kenya Utalii College student pursuing Tours and Travels. Team Connect Safaris is a brand which started in November 2019 as a travel group to simply acquaint students with the various national travel destinations. As tourism students, l felt the need to explore our beloved country to personally internalize the wealth of the industry; in which we would be charged with the responsibility of marketing. Little did I know that I was on my path to creating a company of my own. course, in the great institution. I am the founder and CEO of Team Connect Safaris, a travel and tours company currently dealing with domestic and inbound tours.
I approached a number of my fellow Kenya Utalii College Tourism students and as a group, we started off with a very successful central circuit tour. This turned out to be a lucrative business idea, the origin of “Team Connect Safaris”.
A number of the students who participated in the said trip are currently working with me in managing the company. These include:- Ms. Joreen Wanini – Sales & Marketing Manager, Tim Tim – Destination & Navigations Manager, Rinhard Mshimba – Tours & Finance Controller, George Gathoni- Tours & Transport Coordinator.
Inexplicably, but rather, due to God’s special favor and grace during this global COVID crisis, which brought about social distancing, lock downs, working from home and near grounding of all economic activities, Team Connect Safaris has made exploits. I came up with a unique idea of organizing excursions to the Nairobi National Park for family members dwelling together, in an effort to break the monotony of staying at home, yet adhering to the set government health and safety rules and procedures.

We are currently working with over 150 highly rated hotels and lodges, 6 quality tour transport suppliers and a professional ICT provider; to enable us access the various tourist destinations country-wide as well as provide efficient and excellent services.

We have however faced challenges mainly due to our age and inexperience but these we have gradually overcome, owing to the kind of training we receive at Kenya Utalii College, coupled with research and our determination to excel. The joy and feeling of self-satisfaction when we fulfill and surpass our clients’ travel needs and expectations, keeps us growing day after day.
As we work towards achieving our vision of being Kenya’s leading travel agency, we look forward to acquiring a well-equipped and strategically located office, own tourist vehicles and being able to market internationally.
We further aim to create employment opportunities, empower, mentor and serve as good role models to our fellow young people. We plan to participate in next year’s travel companies nominations.
I wholeheartedly thank the team I am working with for their commitment and also thank Kenya Utalii College for not only training us for employment but also giving room for innovation and personal growth.

It Was A Fun Filled Learning Experience

Kenya Utalii College academic trip to the Coast was exciting and thrilling, as students explored various tourist sites, and got to learn about their history