Kenya Utalii College Takes Bold Steps Towards Modernizing Curriculum to Meet Industry Trends

Kenya Utalii College Takes Bold Steps Towards Modernizing Curriculum to Meet Industry Trends

Kenya Utalii College, the country’s premier hospitality and tourism training institution, has recently undergone a comprehensive curriculum review to ensure that it aligns with the latest trends and demands in the hospitality and tourism industry. The review was prompted by the need to keep up with the evolving landscape of the industry, which has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenya Utalii College was established through a partnership between the Governments of Kenya and Switzerland. Since its inception in 1975, the college has continuously evolved its curricula to meet the changing needs of the hospitality and tourism industry. The initial curricula were Swiss-based, offering four-year diploma programmes and two-year certificate programmes. However, the college has since organized various curriculum review symposiums, which have led to significant changes to ensure that the training is aligned with current industry trends. These changes have been crucial in ensuring that the college remains relevant and at the forefront of providing quality education in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Members of the curriculum review committee during a workshop at Lake Naivasha Resort – 13th – 17th March, 2023

The most recent curriculum review symposium themed, “Aligning Kenya Utalii College Curriculum with Contemporary Trends in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry,”  was held on 21st July 2022, brought together industry stakeholders, the Ministry of Education, TVETA, Communications Authority, and other interested parties to discuss and share their views on the changes needed in the curriculum. A committee was then formed to take charge of the design and writing of the new curriculum framework. The terms of reference included developing a new curriculum framework, creating a critical path with a time frame for completion, providing input and resources required for the curriculum, and ensuring that the development of the curriculum aligns with current industry trends.

According to the college’s Principal and CEO, Prof. Charles Musyoki, the institution looked to revise and relook its curriculum to ensure it remains relevant to the changing education environment.

One significant change in the new curriculum is the credit transfer system, meaning that students who complete a certificate course can quickly move to a diploma course and complete it within a year, receiving credit transfers for the units they have already covered. The courses’ naming has also been revised to align with the industry’s latest naming trends. For example, the Food Production diploma course will now be in culinary arts, while there will be a certificate course in cake making and decoration.

In a recent statement, the Principal and CEO, Prof Charles Musyoki, emphasized that despite the shorter timeline, the new curriculum would ensure that 80% of the course content is focused on skills acquisition, ensuring that students graduate with the necessary competencies. “We are still ahead of the park, but for us to remain relevant, we needed to revise and relook at our curriculum and align it to the changes in the education environment,” he added.

In conclusion, the Kenya Utalii College’s curriculum review is a significant milestone that will shape the future of the institution and the hospitality and tourism industry at large. The new curriculum will ensure that students acquire practical skills that are relevant to the industry’s latest trends, enabling them to remain competitive and thrive in the job market. “Curriculum Review is history in the making! Historical and a turning point for the college,” said Prof. Musyoki.

The finalization of the new curriculum is a testament to the commitment of the college’s leadership to excellence and innovation in education. Students will acquire practical skills that are aligned with the industry’s latest trends, enabling them to remain competitive and thrive in the job market. We look forward to seeing the impact of the revised curriculum on the students and the industry as a whole.

March 20, 2023

May I start by appreciating what the institution is doing,my son is a product of utalii no regrets when I see his life and as I continue to watch him grow his career .
I just wish to request how can I get a brochure of courses being offered from certificate level. Thanks

March 23, 2023

Great milestone, am a proud alumni of the institution and doing well .Revision of the curriculum is a great step to match the industry trends and improvement of the course certification name a great deal there.good job keep going and aiming higher.

February 11, 2024


February 11, 2024

Wish to be part of your success story

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