Speech By The Principal & CEO, Kenya Utalii College, Mr. Hashim D. Mohamed; During The 45th Graduation Ceremony

Kenya Utalii College is today celebrating its 45TH graduation at a time when the entire world is depressed as a result of the devastating effects of Covid_19.

This ceremony is a major milestone for the College, and a clear demonstration that despite the prevailing challenges, we continue to passionately implement our mandate of undertaking training and capacity building for the hospitality and tourism sector.

Today, we are celebrating the successful completion of studies by three
hundred and eighty two students who, despite disruption by Covid-19,
have successfully completed their studies.

On behalf of the Management, Staff and the entire Kenya Utalii College
fraternity, I congratulate you all for putting in exceptional effort to
successfully complete your respective training programs; and to merit
certification despite the adversity.

I sincerely thank each one of you for rising up against odds, teaming up
with your lecturers and completing the academic journey. You have made
a choice not to remain bitter and in fear of the adversity, but to forge
ahead with the hope for a better tomorrow. The bigger your challenge,
the close you are to your victory. Leaders are defined by how much they
are able to stay the course no matter what kind of ugliness is going on
around them. The sun will soon rise again, for nothing lasts forever.
I am proud of you and indeed confident that the knowledge, skills, values
and competences instilled in you in the course of your training at Kenya
Utalii College will go a long way towards guiding your future career path
and accomplishments.

A good number of our alumni have received job placements internationally especially in the UK through GR8 Recruitment, Switzerland and the US. We are convinced that just as your predecessors, you will bring out the very best of any responsibility bestowed upon you. The excellent learning experience offered at Kenya Utalii College has grounded you to be ready for today’s dynamic business environment. I pray that you are all able to thrive, excel and make constructive contributions in our rapidly changing world. I want to encourage you not to let this mark the end of your learning. Seek to continuously amass more knowledge and skills and let professionalism, integrity, commitment and quest for excellence drive your every endeavor.

To our parents, guardians and siblings, thank you for being part of this
long yet critical journey. We are celebrating these achievements because
you saw potential in these students way before they could comprehend
what life had in store for them and what this journey would be like.

Our Guest of Honor, we had great plans and aspirations for this
esteemed institution at the beginning of year 2020. Around this time, we
would have conducted countrywide Refresher Courses, Management
Development Programs, National Tourism Competitions and other Tailor-
made training programs, among many other activities. However, human
beings make plans but unforeseen occurrences such as Covid-19 give life
a new perspective. But we have learnt to live with the new norm. As we
begin the new year, we are well prepared as an institution to ensure that
we carry out our training activities while adhering to the set health
protocols. Secondly, with the new health and safety requirements in
hospitality and tourism, the college is ready to begin offering tailor-made
training programmes that will be key for the industry’s compliance. This
includes upskilling and reskilling on hygiene, safety and security, as well
as service delivery in travel and tourism. I call upon hospitality and
tourism industry players to partner with us as we forge forward in
actualizing the Tourism Industry Recovery strategy.

I am nevertheless glad to report that during the pandemic, we have been
able to begin the construction of the Individual Training Kitchen Block

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me take this opportunity to thank our
Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Najib Balala, E.G.H and the entire team at
Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife, the College Governing Council,
Collaborators and all Stakeholders; for unwavering support which has
enabled the institution to continually achieve its set goals and objectives.
As the College management, we are committed to implementing our
mandate in training, enhancing research and consultancy services in
hospitality and tourism, as well as ensuring compliance with the
requirements of the Quality Management Systems; so as to meet the
demands of this dynamic industry.

We are at the forefront in executing the National Tourism Blueprint whose vision states in part, that by 2030, vibrancy and innovation will characterize Kenya’s booming and sustainable tourism industry. As an institution mandated with the industry’s capacity building, we always carry out market surveys to ensure that we match what we train to requirements of the labour market. As I conclude, I would like encourage you to create an excellent future by always stretching yourself to always learn new things.

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