Ghana To Partner With Utalii College In Training Hospitality Staff

Kenya Utalii College (KUC) is set to train Ghana’s hospitality and tourism personnel in an initiative that is geared towards boosting the country’s customer service.

This formed part of discussions between KUC led by the Principal and CEO Mr. Hashim Mohamed and a delegation from Ghana led by Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture. Dr. Awal is in Kenya to participate in the Africa Tourism Recovery Summit for African Ministers of Tourism, which will be held in Nairobi on Friday July 16 th , 2021.

Mr. Hashim Mohamed and Dr Awal discussed areas of collaboration between Ghana and Kenya, especially in the area of capacity building to boost customer service in tourism and hospitality.

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“We are very keen on training our people on customer service and we look forward to engaging Kenya Utalii College on this,” said Dr. Awal. He applauded Kenya’s hospitality and customer service, terming it as one of the best that he has come across in Africa. “Ghana has a lot of potential in tourism and we are determined to grow this sector to ensure that it becomes one of the top income earners in the country,” he said.

On his part, Mr. Hashim lauded KUC’s capacity in training, mentioning that the college has entered into collaborations with African countries, key among them being the Curriculum Development Initiative for Rwanda’s hospitality industry.

“KUC has handled such projects before, and my team is well equipped to
develop a paper based on the skills gap in Ghana, and roll out the training program.”

Some of the countries that have benefitted from KUC’s quality training in the recent past include Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda.

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