Utalii Students to Host Gastronomy Festival Event

Gastronomy Tourism has become a vital component of the tourism experience.  In keeping with tradition, Kenya Utalii College Students are planning to host the first Gastronomy Festival on Thursday, 30th and Friday 31st March, 2023 at the main campus.  The festival seeks to promote the traditional foods and cuisines in the region.  As well as, bring people together from diverse cultural backgrounds, with an aim of encouraging and promoting African culinary tourism.

The Gastronomy festival is a project which is conceptualized, organized and executed by students with their lecturers as consultants.  The event gives them an opportunity to display and showcase their talents, skills, professionalism prowess in the whole range of hospitality, entertainment and culinary artistry to Government, hospitality and tourism industry stakeholders, diplomatic corps, family, friends and general public.

The two-day festival themed “AFRICAN MASQUERADE: Celebrating African Culinary Diversity” will provide exhibition space for participants to showcase their products and services culminating in a Gala Dinner on Friday, 31st March, 2023.

Prof. Charles Musyoki, Kenya Utalii College’s Principal & CEO launched the event.  The event’s purpose is to offer the students an opportunity to put into practice knowledge, skills and professionalism acquired, courtesy of the College’s keenly structured coursework; this they then transfer to the job market after graduation.

The annual event gives students an opportunity to showcase their innovative and entrepreneurial skills which they duly learn to cope with; it keeps in mind the ever changing dynamics of the job market as well as the aim to prepare students to get into entrepreneurship.

The skills displayed during the event include what the students have learnt on cuisine, theme, exhibition, décor, reservations, public relations, sales and marketing, restaurant management as well as food and beverage operations.

The gastronomy event planning and management offers students ability to learn how to interact with various personalities in society – an important skill to hone as they prepare to work in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

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