Congratulatory Message To Kenya Utalii College Long Serving Employees

Well done colleagues

World over, it has been proven that human resources are the most valuable assets of any business or organization set to excel and remain ahead of competition. People are the most essential contributors towards profits and stakeholder value. Their knowledge, abilities and experience cannot be replaced. With time, employees gain valuable organizational insights and consequently become increasingly productive and acquire the expertise necessary for organizations’ success.  

Organizations that retain employees thus reap numerous benefits in terms of guarding against knowledge loss, the turnover hassle, staff acquisition costs and time spent on training. Employee retention is also key in improving general staff morale and enhancing customer experience.

It is with this in mind that we whole heartedly congratulate all Kenya Utalii College long serving employees. We acknowledge and value your faithful services as we celebrate your hard work, devotion and selflessness. The Institution may not have been the greenest pasture on the universe; but you made a choice to remain and render your undivided services and loyalty.

Role models

Thank you for setting a good example and being an encouragement to the young professionals within the organization. We are happy and very proud of you. Continue serving as role models and an inspiration to the many you will interact with in your life. May you continue working with more commitment, dedication and courage; and in the fear of God, who requires us to work as though working for Him.

There are those who are proceeding on retirement after rendering their devoted long services to the College. Remember, you are only retiring from the morning clock alarms, commuting to and from work, and other job related stresses. You are not retiring your mind. Do not sit and think about the things you may miss from your previous life; for this will only make you get old faster. Understand that retirement is not the end of the road. It is just a turn in the road; a time to enjoy the things you could not engage in previously, without having to request for time off. It is a new chapter of life where you get to enjoy freedom, ample time and being your own boss. It is therefore advisable that you deliberately purpose to just sit back, relax and do the things you never got a chance to do.

Well-deserved retirement

Goodbyes are sad, but we must remind ourselves that this is an essential phase in life. We sincerely wish you a self-fulfilling, joyous and well-deserved retirement.

Those whose retirement time is many years from today should learn from the experience of others. Save aggressively knowing that the pain you feel today is your strength for tomorrow. Remember, it is not your salary that makes you rich, but your spending habits.

Finally, we are thankful to God for the far we have come as individuals, corporately and nationally. He has upheld our highly delicate industry through the dark Covid-19 pandemic days. We therefore attest to the saying: “The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.” As an institution, we can testify of God’s amazing faithfulness, provision and protection. May God continually bless us all. May He also bless our beloved institution, the tourism and hospitality industry, our Nation and the world at large.

February 22, 2021

Kenya Utalii College has practiced this tradition for a long time (appreciating and awarding long-serving employees ).To the staff exiting the hospitality powerhouse, kudos, and God’s Blessings!

February 23, 2021

Thank you, we appreciate.

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