I Aspire To Be A Wildlife Warrior

Hello There! My name is Tim Tim Gikonyo. I am a Tour Guiding and Administration student at Kenya Utalii College.  I have a passion for wildlife and conservation. I have coupled this passion with storytelling and photography.

I have been using my talent in photography as a way to tell stories at the College as well as, to capture memorable moments. I have been liaising with the Institution’s Communications and Marketing department to take photos during various events such as the Utalii Cultural week, Beyond Zero Campaigns, Students’ Field trips and the Utalii magazine/ blog Interviews. The college has in fact gone a long way in helping me realize my dream, through the very able team of lecturers and other staff members who are not only mentors but have also become family.

Personal Blog

I run a blog under the Tag ‘Explore Na Tim Tim’, where I pen down my stories on wildlife and conservation. I have an ambition to tell stories of Africa in an open and interesting way. Explore na Tim Tim is a blog that focuses on telling the story of Kenya and the experiences of magical Kenya and Africa at large. During the Covid-19 slow down, I have been working to grow my skills in storytelling and being a source of authentic information.

I am passionate about wildlife photography and using it to sensitize the world on conservation and the importance to harmoniously live with wildlife in our world. I believe that photography, videography and documentaries can go a long way in sensitizing people around matters, conservation. I aspire to be a wildlife warrior through the stories I tell, and the picture I take. This I say through the eyes of a millennial guide.


Our mentors at the College constantly encourage us to be creative, innovative and industrious. This for sure, does not fall on deaf ears. During the long College break occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to try a hand in business. Jointly with a mentor college mate who was already making fish sausages and fillet, we started processing turkey sausages and fillet from a flock I reared back at home. We have since established “Avil Farm” and registered all our products with the Kenya Bureau of Standards. The products are organic for the birds are organically grown and processed to sustain the products’ nutritional value. This has been giving us good returns and I feel encouraged to rear a wider variety of exotic birds in line with my passion for wildlife.

February 26, 2021

The future is luminous,,keep up bro

April 2, 2021

Thank you, indeed the future is so bright for Timtim

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