Key Steps In Mentorship For Hospitality Professionals

By Tabitha Areba – Communication & Marketing Manager at Kenya Utalii College. Peak performance, whether on a professional, business or personal level will always require strategic direction. In the career world, this is referred to as mentorship.  Professionals in all careers and industries including those in hospitality and tourism require mentorship if they aspire to reach the highest level of growth.

As an individual, you have to understand your area of expertise really well in order to chart a way forward. Supervisors play a key role in mentorship, but it has to start with your passion and willingness to learn and implement new ideas in your day to day duties, especially in your organization or business. However, you need not confine yourself to the organisation’s needs only. Look at the bigger picture, and place yourself at a position that requires bigger challenges and set even bigger goals, then draw a path towards achieving that.

Here’s a 3-point guide on key steps in mentorship for career growth

  1. Continuous learning

It is always said that; “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” While studying the world around your profession, always ask yourself, “What knowledge or skills will help me be more effective?”  This is a key question as you work towards a promotion or a better job. In the world of hospitality, look for relevant skills that will be sought after by businesses in that industry. The current Covid-19 era has presented new dynamics and since workforce has been identified as key in the revival of the industry, having the right skill can lead to big gains.

Your mentor is key in answering the question on the most effective skill to acquire, especially if this is your boss or a senior in your profession. You can also check on recent researches from authentic research firms. Establish the skills that you wish to advance, list them down in an order of priority. Begin your learning, starting with the skills that will give you the highest boost.

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Develop a career plan

Career goals will help you chart a pathway and have a clear mind about where you want to go. In developing a career plan, ensure that you have a career advisor. But before then, develop a list of your career options looking at your skills, interests and available opportunities. Do a comparison by looking at the most promising career options and ask yourself if this matches with the most important items in your skills list. Choose the career path that is best for you and set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound.)

  • Ask for feedback

It is very difficult for any individual to assess their performance without the help of a third party. Asking for feedback and regular review sessions is a sure way of knowing whether you are on the right path. Regular review sessions are key as they give you clear information on your day to day performance and discussions on possible growth opportunities. Feedback can come in different forms, both negative and positive. Have your goals in mind as you ask for feedback, and be sure to focus on the goal as much as possible.

Tabitha Areba is the Communication and Marketing Manager at Kenya Utalii College. Email:

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March 3, 2021

This is a great piece! Mentorship is key to the quality of staff we develop and to build an organisation’s succession plan.

May 17, 2021

Am interested in joining please

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