How Kenya Utalii College Enriches Skills For Hospitality Professionals

The Refresher and Management Development Programmes for operational and managerial staff are offered annually during the low season when the employees are free from their busy schedules.

By Benard Amaya

Kenya Utalii College is highly reputed both locally and globally for its practically-oriented hands-on training tailored to meet the special manpower requirements for the hospitality and tourism industry. To further address specific industry training needs, the institution developed courses for both operational and managerial staff. The courses are industry based and comprise of Refresher Courses and Management Development Programmes, for operational and managerial staff respectively. The courses are offered annually during the low season when the employees are free from their busy schedules.

Over the years, the courses have gained popularity among industry professionals and investors alike since they address skills gaps and current trends in the industry. Many hospitality and tourism graduates from universities undertake Refresher and Management Development Programmes to ground themselves in the industry operations because of the rich menu of skills the courses offer.  The courses are used for retooling, to equip practitioners with the necessary technical and soft skills.

Industry –based programmes are also used to equip personnel who did not get formal training in hospitality and tourism operations. Through the programmes, the College has raised the level of professionalism in the industry. With prior learning having been mainstreamed into the formal training and certification, the courses fill a serious vacuum among the non – certified practitioners. Employees such as cooks, housekeepers and waiters who trained on the job have an opportunity to acquire crucial credentials by attending Refresher Courses.

History has shown that employees who attend various programmes on the refresher and MDP menu of courses make better workers.  This is by virtue of blending both industrial exposure and the formal training at the College.

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April 11, 2022

I would like to do refresher course in culinary.Please advise.

May 12, 2022

Are admission letters for food production apprenticeship program out for may intake

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