Grab Opportunities As They Come Your Way

Ms. Pauline Nduva is the Operations Manager, Diani Sea Resort. She says as the industry gradually re-opens, there are opportunities for women in both employment and entrepreneurship.

How did you start off your career, and who inspired you? My journey started with an inspiration from my aunt who worked at JKIA as a Public Health Officer, and loved to travel. This was the drive to my joining Kenya Utalii College in 1991.

As a female leader, what has been the biggest barrier to growth in your career? My biggest barrier has been the requirement to balance between raising my daughter and pursuing career goals. Gender discrimination in some instances, has also been a hindrance to growth.

Do women in your profession have a hard time getting jobs or promotions during the Covid-19 era? Industry is still in the process of reopening; hence, I would not be able to quantify. However, even in the pre-Covid-19 era, women had to work twice as hard as men to get recognition in their jobs.

How can women achieve an equal future in a Covid-19 World? Provision of a stimulus fund for women owned enterprises and organizational policies that grant women equal opportunities.

Any career opportunities for women post Covid-19? As the industry gradually re-opens, there will be opportunities both in employment and in entrepreneurship.

Career advice to young women entering your profession during the Covid-19 world? I advise them to focus on the bigger picture; grab available opportunities without going for high salaries and quick promotions, since every organization is currently cutting down on costs.

One recommendation for HR leaders to help promote women in the Covid-19 era at the workplace? HR leaders should grant opportunities on merit and objectively. They should also assist women who may be going through different forms of abuse, due to the effects of Covid-19.

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