Why Women Should ‘Hug’ The Digital World

The more ladies embrace technology, the more they are going to be able to innovate, invent and push their projects forward. By Radhiya Seraj, Public Relations Officer at Kenya Utalii College

Digital capabilities are fundamental to remaining competitive in the current world. Digital technologies are evolving by the day, and that requires women to innovate fast in order to remain relevant. Neglecting digital technologies and the role it plays can threaten women’s career growth and businesses.

Appropriate use of technology makes women’s life simple, fast, easy and manageable. Acquiring these skills is simple. Surprisingly, the web is full of information for personal, skilled, social and even economic development. Technology has become ineluctable in our day to day life, and there are many ways through which we can leverage digital revolution for maximum benefit. However, this depends on individual necessities and goals.

Communication and learning

The internet is the most powerful medium of communication during this era. Here, you can gain access to a wealth of data and information. Women thus have the ability to speak with one another freely. Without the limitation of distance, women from all over the planet can connect fast with minimum costs. This is a big opportunity for women to learn from mentors, business moguls and leaders from across the globe.

The digital space, on the other hand, has volumes of learning resources that anyone can use to acquire a new skill. Besides, you can showcase your new skill to the world through proof via certification provided online, and advance to an online degree programme. All these information is available through social media, email communication and webinars. Information is power, and no woman should miss a chance to learn new ideas for business or career advancement.

Business Promotion and Innovation

E-commerce is another magic opportunity for women to showcase their businesses. Merchandise and services are marketed, bought and sold online everyday thereby creating job opportunities and reducing unemployment. If more women embrace technology, the more than 1,000,000 small and medium ladies owned businesses will thrive.

It is inspiring to know that the digital world provides unlimited opportunities. Women in business, for example, can learn how to use simple programmes such as Microsoft word or PowerPoint or the way to begin conferences via Zoom. The more ladies embrace technology, the more they are going to be able to innovate, invent and push their courses forward. Technology awakens the imagination and with that, more apps, software, and programs are produced that may enable women to continuously perform work competently and conduct business simply.

Online platforms have transformed the marketing industry and have been verified to be the game changer for advertising products. It is important for women to embrace available diverse marketing services in their businesses and keep up with the latest gadgets and software tools.

A website that tells your story is a worthy start. Posting ads on popular social media sites for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and snapchat is a good way to start online advertising. Being in tune with customers through social media helps to spread your unique brand message and raise awareness about your skillset. In addition, it creates a good impression, which will attract potential customers.

In this time and era, women can use cutting-edge marketing technology to stay on top and keep abreast with the competition.

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Technology hastens up a woman’s daily tasks

Everyday life can get busy for a working professional or business woman. You may not be able to make time for the many personal and family tasks. A busy female professional may find it tedious to balance work and social time. A student may find classes overwhelming. Despite the stage you are in, technology can help you make work and errands easier and efficient.

Daily and weekly to-do lists can be automated by technological apps, and this can improve efficiency and ensuring that all tasks are followed through to completion. Explore them!

Shopping has never been this easy. With technology, you can save time that would have otherwise been spent hopping from one shop to another checking for availability of products. You can now order for products from the comfort of your office, book for tours and use e-payment platforms to sort out the bills.

The web is extremely helpful in exceeding a woman’s daily routines. It helps to ascertain our notifications and emails, cash transfers, order for food and most significantly, it saves time and makes work less tasking.

Embracing technology must not be horrifying. It is not rocket science and it does not mean you have to be a golem to grasp. Embrace and learn these new systems in order to prove your worth within your company and add value to your businesses. Technology is here to stay. We cannot run far from technology, we cannot stop technology, we cannot forget technology but we can embrace it for maximum benefit.

Radhiya Seraj is an accomplished PR & events management professional with expertise in developing and executing all aspects of public outreach campaigns to increase exposure and support strategic marketing initiatives both online & offline. mradhiya@utalii.ac.ke


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