Utalii College, Gambia Begin Talks On Collaboration.

Kenya Utalii College (KUC) today hosted a delegation from Gambia on a mission to learn from Kenya’s excellent hospitality and tourism products and services.

During the bilateral discussions, the Principal and CEO Mr. Hashim Mohamed proposed areas of collaboration in capacity building that are likely to boost Gambia’s hospitality and tourism industry.

“Some of the areas that we can partner in include student / lecturer exchange programmes, student internships, curriculum development, exchange of research ideas and hosting research conferences,” he said.

Mr. Hashim lauded KUC’s capacity in training, mentioning that the college has entered into collaborations with other African countries key among them being the Curriculum Development Initiative for Rwanda’s hospitality industry. “KUC has handled such projects before, and my team is well equipped to develop a paper based on the skills gap in Gambia, and roll out the training program.”

The team from Gambia was impressed by KUC’s training model that gives more emphasis on practical skills, and which inculcates positive attitudes in service.

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