Kenya Utalii College shines at Expo 2020 Dubai

The College’s Chef Steven Nyamawi represents Kenya at the Expo 2020 Dubai Culinary Experience Pod

Kenya Utalii College Chef Steven Nyamawi is representing Kenya at the Expo Dubai 2020. Yesterday, he was at Farago restaurant Kitchen Dubai for the Kenyan day menu Chef Nyamawi emerged the best candidate and was selected for the Kenyan culinary experience in an adjudication that took place at Kenya Utalii College in June 2021. The evaluation process considered technical and organization skills, product, product demonstration, recipe and recipe demonstration, safety and hygiene, personal hygiene and other skills.

Chef Nyamawi who is also a lecturer for the Food Production Course at the College showcased Kenya’s culinary experience on 16 th February, 2022 at the Expo 2020 Dubai. He also showcased his culinary prowess during the Kenya Cultural Day and Diaspora Dinner.

Week-long celebration
His role among others will include; planning and organizing for live cooking demonstrations for both Arabic and Kenyan fusion, preparing Kenyan Culinary Experience pod and the traditional Kenyan Cuisine, organizing for printing and dissemination of Menu recipes giveaways for Kenyan cuisines, as well as developing a layout for the designated restaurant area for Kenya’s National day of Honour.

Chef NYAMAWI at Farago restaurant Kitchen Dubai for the Kenyan day menu

Kenya is holding a week-long Kenya Week celebration showcasing the beauty, diversity and richness of the Kenyan culture. The activities scheduled by the Kenya Export Promotion & Branding Agency for the Kenyan Week shall include; Flower Business forum and exhibition, High-level Kenya- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Trade, Investment and Tourism Forum, Country and Regional Economics Blocs day, Kenya’s National Day of Honour and Kenya’s Cultural Day.

Come, learn with us
Kenya Utalii College has a wealth of experience in capacity building for tourism and hospitality. The College offers a wide range of hospitality and tourism programmes through a holistic Swiss-based curriculum comprising knowledge, skills and attitudes. The technical or practical skills offered are evaluated at each stage of the students’ learning process to test their competence. Students go through demonstrations, practice in application areas and internal attachment at Utalii Hotel to deepen their practical skills.

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