Magical Kenya Travel Expo organizer moved to tears talking about her experience with Kenya Utalii College students

“I know we couldn’t have done the MKTE event without the student hostesses,” she said during her remarks when handing over certificates to Kenya Utalii College students who participated as volunteers during the Magical Kenya Travel Expo (MKTE) event.

MKTE is Kenya’s annual International Tourism Exhibition that was hosted by Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.  The high-profile exhibition which took place from 5th to 7th October, 2022 attracted participation from both local and international tourism leaders, buyers and media.

Kenya Utalii College, as a partner state corporation, worked alongside KTB on show solutions to grow and raise the profile of the event through offering twenty (20) students as volunteers and hostesses for the event.

Ms. Penny Snodgrass was moved to tears amid appreciating and handing certificates to KUC students for the job well done during the event.  She said they have been taking students from Kenya Utalii College since the year 2017 and the students have always excelled in their role as volunteers and hostesses for the tourism and hospitality event but this year’s representation was the best. She confirmed that the whole on-solutions team representing Magical Kenya were impressed by the professionalism and responsibility that the students portrayed and were happy to work with the students.

Ms. Penny Snodgrass of on show solutions partner state corporation that worked alongside KTB to execute the Magical Kenya Travel Expo; handing over a certificate of service to Kenya Utalii College student volunteer during the MKTE 2022.

“If the future of tourism and hospitality is Utalii students, I want to be in it, I want to be there.  If this is the future, if Utalii students are the future then Kenya has got nothing to worry about,” said Ms. Snodgrass.

Ms. Snodgrass is certain that the 20 students who represented Kenya Utalii College and Kenya at large will for sure take the industry by a storm.  She applauded the College for the good job being done in nurturing and mentoring their students.

“The good job that Kenya Utalii College lecturers are doing to their students is incredible,” she added.

“Your help is so appreciated, we couldn’t have done this years’ MKTE without you.  Thank you very much and keep it up!” she concluded.

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The students’ role at the international event included but was not limited to ushering guests to the exhibition area, cocktail areas, lunch, wash areas, help with their exhibition booth needs, as well as, overseeing that the guests’ needs at the venue were well catered for.

Speaking to some of the students they confirmed that the experience they had at the Magical Expo was awe-inspiring, educational and fun.  The students were confident that the exposure and interactions they had with the different local and international tourism and hospitality players were an eye-opener and were upbeat about the future.

Kenya Utalii College is distinguished for providing world-class training for both the local and international hospitality and tourism industry.  The College is committed to the excellent delivery of training and capacity building, research and consultancy for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

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