I Have The Power Of Excellent Service

Isabella Chanya Fundi has more than 15 years of experience as a customer service expert. She speaks about the strategies she employs in handling people of all walks of life despite the complexities that come with the job.

I am a receptionist by profession and I have proudly served for more than 15 years in this field at Kenya Utalii College (KUC), the renowned hospitality and tourism training institution. Written job descriptions and the importance of a good receptionist, duties and responsibilities as well as qualities and attributes, may appear like scholarly work given in detail. However, from my personal experience, I can attest to these descriptions as being quite true; and if anything, the actual work and requirements of a receptionist exceed what has been listed in existing research journals.  

To a layman, receptionists’ tasks are often seen as short-term duties, part-time positions, or stepping-stones on one’s overall career path. I take this opportunity to nullify this misconception and confirm this is an incredibly fulfilling career path.

As a receptionist at KUC, I am responsible for welcoming the institution’s visitors and directing them to their required destinations. I guide and help customers with what they need, while at the same time maintaining institutional confidentiality. I also receive official telephone calls, provide information to callers, direct others to the relevant recipients, and respond to inquiries about the organization and its products and services. In addition, I respond to the organization’s emails within specified timing and forward those requiring detailed information to the respective departments, as well as, provide extensive organizational and administrative support.  

Other duties include notifying the organization’s personnel of their visitors’ arrival, keeping the reception area tidy and well organized, attending meetings, writing minutes, coordinating school visits, and handling basic customer complaints while escalating the more complex ones, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

Create lasting impression

Being the first and also the last customer contact within the organization, I am duty-bound to represent the College positively to create and leave a good impression in the customer’s mind. I am thus aware that I serve as a mirror/image of the institution and that if I give substandard services, the organization’s image will be dented and there will be subsequent loss of business. 

I ensure good personal grooming accompanied by a smile and resilience to go the extra mile, so as to provide excellent services that exceed customer satisfaction. I also provide security at any given time, by monitoring people coming in and going out through the reception doors, and reporting any suspicious activity. 

Valuable information hub

I am a self-driven and independent worker who has taken the initiative to learn as much as possible about the institution in order to become valuable at the information hub.

Planning, organization and innovation skills are among my personal- strengths. I have developed several processes to manage tasks and ensure that I meet the demands of a fast-paced work environment. This is with the help of my acquired product knowledge and the use of technology.

I am able to offer excellent services to both internal and external customers owing to my strong communication skills, outgoing energetic personality, and ability to multitask. There is no work monotony for each day presents unique and exiting experiences. I thoroughly enjoy dealing with a wide variety of people and take pride in being a receptionist.

Welcome to the Kenya Utalii College. WE ARE PLEASED TO SERVE YOU!

October 6, 2021

Thank you Kenya Utalii College for airing/sharing my story. I feel humbled.

October 6, 2021

Thank you Isabella. We are truly proud of you.

October 6, 2021

Good job Isabellah. Keep it up

October 8, 2021

Than you Lydia Chole

October 8, 2021

Thank you for the good job done Isabella.

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