Utalii’s New Students Settle Down In style

After the weeklong orientation programme, majority of students confessed that they were ready to concur the tourism and hospitality industry with solutions after gaining excellent skills at Kenya Utalii College

Kenya Utalii College (KUC) new students received gems of inspirational and mentorship messages during the weeklong orientation programme early September 2021 as they prepared to begin various diploma and certificate courses in tourism and hospitality. 

KUC Principal and CEO Mr. Hashim Mohamed congratulated the new students for emerging victorious amidst the rigorous admission exercise where competition is tight and available slots few compared to thousands of applications received.

“Many qualified young men and women applied to join this institution, sat for interviews, but we could only admit a limited number. We chose you because you showed us you are able, willing and ready. Everyone of you has earned a place here,” he said.

He called upon all students to embrace the Institution’s values, which include integrity, commitment, leadership, accountability, diversity, quality and professionalism.

Overseas Vacancies Save Jobless Tourism Graduates

The college is doing a superb job in opening doors to its graduates at a time of serious unemployment crisis. Through the overseas job placement initiative, the College has put the country on the global map. 

While noting the steady growth being witnessed in the hospitality and tourism industry after a drop due to Covid-19, Mr. Mohamed encouraged students to work hard and focus on the bigger, brighter future. 

“For you to emerge successful in your academic journey and beyond, and secure a good place in the industry, you must work hard. Make use of our well-equipped laboratories, library, as well as your lecturers and mentors who are committed to giving you the best, to ensure that you acquire all necessary skills,” he said.

He said that regrets come to students who fail to heed to wise counsel, and get into pitfalls such as alcohol, drugs, and irresponsible sexual behavior.

“There are plenty of extra-curricular activities which can occupy your idle time. These activities include clubs such as sports, drama, salsa, journalism, wildlife, karate, Choir, KUC Band, Fashion Modeling, and Religious groups namely, Seventh Day Adventist church, Christian Union, and Catholic Action, among others.”

On security, students were urged to report any suspicious activities to authorities, and avoid insecurity prone areas such as informal settlement estates and late night activities outside the college.

“Students engaged in activities that will lead to delays into the night should contact the security department,” he said.

Students were urged to speak out when faced with challenges. KUC has a well-organized system that caters for students’ emotional challenges when need arises. 

“Always ask for help when you need it; there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Let’s also learn to be each other’s keeper.”

The new students were admitted into various courses including:

  • Diploma in Hotel Management (MA) 
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management (TTM)     
  • Travel Operations (TO) 
  • Tour Guiding & Administration (TG) 
  • Front Office Operations (FO) 
  • Food Production (FP) 
  • Food Production Apprenticeship (FPAP) 
  • House Keeping & Laundry (HL) 
  • Food & Beverage Service and Sales (FBS) 

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